Monday, 21 April 2014

How To Prevent REI Scam by David Lindahl

We do have scams in Real Estate and the fraudsters mainly point out the toddlers who have just started up in this field. There are some tips down here which might help you avoid being a victim for the scam.

David Lindahl Scam Tips
The foremost thing is to know completely about the source of the offer and be sure that you are working with a credible and trustworthy investor. If it is by an individual, check out for their reputation and integrity. Demand for their documents from their advocate on offering any deal.

In case of being a corporation that offers the deal, check the proofs of verification, make sure it has a good track record, know more about the people behind the company. Do your own research to know the details and it is not safe to rely upon unfounded recommendations.

Ending up with a piece of advice, ‘If you want to avoid real estate investment scams, try to invest in your education first.’