Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Creative tips To be Smart to invest in Apartments

Creative tips To be Smart to invest in Apartments

Dave lindahl says that cash flow. Do a deal once, and get paid month after month from rent checks for years and years.

Fewer deals to do, more profit to enjoy. Why hassle with dozens of single-family home deals when you can do only ONE apartment deal a year and live extremely well.

Less competition. Most shy away from apartments because they don't understand how great they are. It's like having a big, beautiful "Keep Out!" sign on your personal money generator.

Small improvements = big profits. Apartments are valued at a multiple of their income. So even a small $20 rent increase per unit can add up to $72,000 more value to your property!

Apartments are hands-off investments. I'll show you how to only buy apartments that can support a property manager. So you never have to meet or talk to your tenants.

Not highly regulated. Apartments are NOT on the radar screens of the lawyers, politicians, lobbyists and real estate agents in the 18 states that want to regulate single-family home investing out of existence. Apartments are considered "commercial real estate", and are not subject to the same rules that apply to single-family homes. No one's going to bother you.

They're banker-friendly. Bankers take into account the apartment cash flow when calculating how much they'll lend so it's much easier. Not so with single-family homes.

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