Sunday, 28 September 2014

Real Estate Agent and Realtor Reviews of Dave Lindahl

I never went to ANYBODY's seminars. I always encourage anyone not to go to a seminar unless ... it’s free. :-) I always recommend a home study course so that anyone can refer back to it anytime.

I have Mr. Dave Lindahl's Apartment House Riches home study course. I got the whole package for like 550 instead of $995. Boy, I wish I did more research before purchasing his course. Not only I purchase it for $550 but borrowed the money just to buy it.

Dave Lindahl does a good job explaining how to get your first deal but my questions to his courses are... WHERE do you find partners for deals?
WHERE do you find the money for earnest money?
WHERE to find the funds (or lenders) for the first position mortgage? 
WHICH Listing service does he use to find apartment owners? (Instead he recommended the yellow pages) I probably got more questions but these are the most important ones.

Forget Dave Lindahl, Scott Scheele, and especially Jason Gilbert (I just did a research on his material and I felt that Mr. Gilbert is only doing what he is doing so that YOU can bring him deals).

There is what I call a Dave Lindahl "clone" course, for 90% less than his "Apartment House Riches" and its way better than his course, IMHO. 

I hope everyone on this thread has helped you, Dynamic or anyone who is looking for commercial investing courses, to make a informed decision.

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