Monday, 11 August 2014

Dave Lindahl Boot Camps Whip You into Real Estate Shape

MichelleG. from Portland, ME


Dave Lindahl is great. I went to his apartment Boot camp and within one year, I bought 24 apartment units with hard money. Over the next year I found a couple of great deals; one in Texas and the other in Alabama, but couldn't get financing.

I called Dave's office September 2007 and they told me he was putting on a syndication Boot camp to find private money. I said what the heck, the apartment Boot Camp helped me a lot and saved me a ton of money, so why invest in my future. I went to the Syndication Boot Camp in December of 2007.

I am closing on a 150 unit complex in Denver, Colorado on April 12th. I'm working on another deal in Irving, TX and I'm now using other people's money. I'm so happy I took action and went to Boot camps.

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