Wednesday, 17 September 2014

GOgitR Real Estate Reviews of David Lindahl

I attended David Lindahl seminar. I was OK but very expensive. It was a lot of marketing and hype. The material was very good in theory. When it came to the practical, I felt I needed more direction. Recently, I have been researching in this forum and I have noticed a better alternative.

(Should have done that before booking the expensive seminar) This course was recommended in this forum and it gives more direction than David Lindahl’s and the author offers to help you get started by partnering on a deal with you too. PLUS the course includes a lot of techniques to get funding and loans.

I feel that is very vital for folks with limited capital. (This info wasn’t at David Lindahl’s seminar) I have bought the first course and I have actually been able to start marketing to owners and put out offers with confidence. I found the course very inexpensive, helpful and the audios give clear guidance.

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