Thursday, 11 September 2014

How Many Units Do You Own Like Dave Lindahl?

Most respond by saying, "To see if they are qualified to manage Dave type of property." 

While Dave Lindahl very concerned if they are qualified to do the job, and most of the 27 questions are geared toward getting to that answer, the reason Dave Lindahl ask them how many properties are like mine is: If they own many units like the property Dave Lindahl buying, then they are actually Dave Lindahl competition. 

And let Dave Lindahl ask you this, would you like to have your competition trying to lease up your property? Of course not, because they are going to charge you for advertising for tenants. They will screen those tenants to determine if they are qualified, and how well they are qualified.

And after they have done that, they will take the best applicants and put them in their units while putting the "leftovers" in yours.

Dave Lindahl very rarely hires a property management company that owns many units like in Dave Lindahl market. 

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